G Force Interiors - Placed carpet horribly and won't rectify the situation.

Willoughby, Ohio 0 comments

Mike Murphy, G Force Interiors...I decided to use a local company to place new carpet.

I like to support our local business. When they were finished replacing the carpet they took off really fast. Once I went to check on their work I was horrified. There was blood on my walls from someone cutting themselves.

The was bubbled up carpet. They didn't cut the carpet correctly nor the seams were done properly. It was cut to short and didn't tuck under the metal threshold strip. The first time I vacuumed the carpet pulled up and ripped out into my vacuum.

I had contacted them to come and fix the carpet. It has been a month and a half. I sat three different times, all day,for him to not show. He wouldn't call to say he wasn't coming and he even texted to say he was on his way and still not show.

He is completely unprofessional and plays games. They do not do just carpet. He is list on craigslist.


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